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For the last five days while I finally figured out how to schedule a post ahead of time and gave you all a ‘revisit’ to my journey of healing over this past year I was taking TIME OFF from life and living it up in the sun in Mexico.

I’m hoping after revisiting the posts I did of my journey recovering very deep and hard memories and learning how to heal from them you will understand how much I needed to get away and truly disconnect. Neal and I, along with four other couples and a friend of ours went to an adult only all-inclusive where I could sit on a canopied bed on the beach front and let the roar of the ocean lull me into a mid-morning and late afternoon nap.

(The beach images are from the beach beds)

Some of us snorkeled, following a turtle and even narrowly missing a Barracuda (I kid you not! It was at least 4 feet long.) A few of the men took the dare to do the parachute swing, whereas I liked to keep my bones whole and unbroken so I declined.


On Saturday we kicked off what I jokingly refer to as my month long birthday celebration with dinner, drinks and a fire show. There was a show every night but this last evening the band was particularly good and we danced so much my dress was soaked with perspiration. I hadn’t danced like that in years. And consequently I found myself in the chiropractor this morning. I guess that’s what turning 40 does to you?

bday celebration

My birthday isn’t until August 31 so I still have a few good weeks to claim 39 but I don’t mind either way. I’m looking forward to what the 40′s has to offer. Shoot, I used to not believe I’d live to be 18, then when I hit 25 and had a child I thought for sure I’d die of some awful disease or cancer by the time I was 30. When the 30′s came I was optimistic that my life’s greatest work could be accomplished just in case I didn’t get to this point. Now? Well, now that I’m on the last tip of reaching 40 I have finally come to the conclusion that it is day by day.

Each day is a gift. Whether I’m 20, 30, 40 or God-willing live to be 50, 60 and 70…I know now that each day is as precious as the next and because I don’t know when will be my last I want to make sure I live every one to the best of my ability.

If getting older is scary for you take a moment to imagine having to go back and relive your earlier years….every single day of them… (exactly as they happened) I’m sure there are the great moments but more often than not I’m sure you wouldn’t want to relive the growing pains. Now look forward at your blank slate with the knowledge you have now…and live.