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All we need is LOVE. Love, love, Love is all you need. Love is all you need. Love is all you need. (The Beetles)

Dinner went well. I think mainly because I had a weight lifted. They felt it, I felt it. We talked about old times, the last time they were all together at the same time as brothers which was in 1991 when we were all at the cabin in Pagosa Springs, CO.

It was light. There was laughter. And in the end I heard a few things from some of them that acknowledged and accepted my hurts. They heard me. I was counted. One uncle told me he was so grateful I came and I told him ‘Thank you for allowing me to come and do what I needed to do and deal with this in my own way.” He smiled and acknowledged me and hugged me.

The other positive of this trip is that Heather and I have been able to get to know one another. Where we are so different (me ‘religious’ as she says and her, well, not) yet there is so much about us that is similar. We laugh. We joke around. We support one another.

All we need is love. In the end it was a heart called to love – love of self and love others – that worked with God’s direction.

Your prayers were a blessing and I am grateful to have such a devoted reader base. Thank you all for emailing me and posting on FB YOUR cover songs too. We head out at 6am New Mexico time for the 11 hour drive back to Waco and then my added 3.5 hour drive back to Kingwood. More prayers please!



*I’ll be back on track tomorrow with Daily Just Show Up posts! I’ve been gone on a much needed true VACATION with Neal and some friends. I’ll update with pictures tomorrow! I pray you didn’t mind ‘revisiting’ my journey of healing this year…I will be releasing my I Have a Voice video this week. Blessings! ~ Shannon*