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God is amazing! Absolutely amazing. Today, as I was writing I recalled a monumental moment I had in counseling about 8 years ago when I was brought to a place of forgiveness of self. As I wrote about this I wrote a memory and then it was as if a sudden wave of understanding, revelation and peace washed over me.

Suddenly it all made sense. Why I’m going through what I’m going through right now. What I’m feeling now and even what I’ve felt in the past that didn’t add up. A vault that had been sealed shut was unlocked. I wouldn’t say it’s been blown open and to be honest, I’m not sure I need to sort through its contents. All I needed was to know what it contained and why it had been sealed.

I want to share it in more detail but I have to process it more, with a professional and a few other key players. But I had to share at least this little bit because there is no doubt God SHOWED UP for me today in a very very big way. In fact, it will be the ending to the book REDEEMED for I now know I’m well on my way to the full acceptance of His redeeming love.


As a good friend of mine has explained before, sometimes our past is like an onion and only when we are ready will God peel back another layer in order to better understand what lies in the center. I’ve pealed through many layers quickly in the beginning but God knew I needed to be where I am today mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to get this close to my core.

I praise Him for His timing.

Don’t rush the peeling of the layers. It’ll all come in due time.