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This morning as I emerged between the state of deep sleep and wakefulness my mind turned on and I began to think about the new writing project. There were a few questions I had to consider in regards to how the project would be accepted by a publisher and being a visual person I was picturing what I’d written behind my still closed eyes.

As my mind worked through what I’d written a revelation came to light and I realized there was a fix to one major question that publisher’s were sure to ask. Once the answer was given I began to see what I’d written begin to reform and was ‘tweeked’ slightly to accommodate the change. It made sense and seemed so obvious.

My body responded to the need to not let the thought/ revelation go and my eyes fluttered open. Immediately I emailed my agent with the idea so it wouldn’t be lost and to get her perspective.

I don’t know if it is ‘the answer’ that will make some huge difference for the project, but I do feel it was God’s way of speaking to me, putting the idea into my thoughts and allowing my mind to clear and see the answer.

I’ve heard countless times from others, “I wish I could hear God speak.”


God’s voice isn’t always ‘heard’, sometimes it’s felt, or it’s a thought or an idea that comes from out of the blue. God can speak through your child who makes a comment that hits close to home or from a stranger who says something in passing. God speaks through books, articles, blogs, newscasts, and I’m certain when it’s the only source available to Him to get you to hear He will speak through your favorite TV show.

When you ‘hear’ something or see something that affects you in that deep tender spot inside, causes you to go ‘hmm’, is a revelation or a positive means to a hopeless situation and it remains with you…but you still aren’t sure it’s God’s speaking, pray for more validation or clarification and if it is of Him you’ll feel it again. You might not ‘hear’ Him voice it in your head clearly because he speaks to your heart.

Have you struggled with feeling as if God doesn’t ‘speak’ to you and have been one to wish you could hear Him speak? Think about the ‘aha’ moments in your life, the things that made you go ‘hmm’ and ask God in prayer if that was Him. You will feel the answer in your heart. When you pay attention to these moments on a daily basis and build a closer relationship to Christ through prayer it becomes easier to hear him speak.