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We all need a place we can go to and be quiet. It might not be feasible to find a place that is quiet around you if you have a bunch of little ones running around, but it can be designated your spot to sit and be quiet within. To regroup, decompress, or simply reconnect with where you can hear your own voice.


This is my designated spot. It’s smack dab in the busiest place in the house – the kitchen. However, at 5am before anyone else in the house rises, or in the early afternoon during school months it is peaceful, serene, and quiet. Plus it’s conveniently right off the back door so as I leave my house it I walk past it, often reminding me that God is always longing for me to sit with Him for a while. And it has come in handy on the days I can barely make it through the back door into the kitchen without wanting to fall on my knees and demand God show up!

It is where hope and faith collide in prayer, where God and I show up together, meeting in the middle.


Where is your designated quiet place? Is it the dining room table? A favorite chair? The closet? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear! Plus it might help those out there that are searching for just the ‘right’ spot for their quiet place.