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Ureka! I had a moment this morning and was given validation for the new writing project I’m working on. I have been praying and mulling over what this new project should be, what would be its purpose, what did I feel God wanted to have come across and the most important struggle, accepting what I might put on the pages would be ‘good enough’ to help or inspire someone else to find their voice and use it.

Helping and inspiring someone is sort of the ‘key ingrediant’ for an inspirational self-help book. Right? It’s been suggested to me more than once over the past few years to write such a book and I’ve been quick to put the idea to the side. My problem has been trying to ‘get over myself’ in order to allow God to work through me and help someone else.

I do it through the ministry why shouldn’t I feel comfortable doing it on paper? Seems logical yet I struggle. I’ve been looking over other similar books that have inspired and helped me through the years and even though they aren’t all written by authors with ‘Dr.’ beside their name I still feel the intimidation of the fact that without a title where are my credentials? Through prayer I’ve been working this out, gathering the courage to sit down and simply begin. So I did, and it felt good. 🙂

Dare to begin

Validation was given when a young woman came by for a visit this morning and as we were talking she made a comment that was nearly verbatim to what I’d written the day before in my brainstorming process.   I needed to hear I was taking the right path and He gave me  confirmation.  The ball has started rolling and hopefully it’ll pick up speed. All I can do is trust in what I feel called to do, listen to what I feel God would like me to share, and put it in His hands. But I’ll never know if it will go anywhere or help anybody if I don’t follow through. Being that I would like to age well with the least amount of regrets to suffer then sitting down to begin is my only option.

Are you putting off doing something you feel called to do but find that a lack in self-esteem is allowing fear to block your course? Have you tried to put it off but it keeps coming back? It might be your time to make a move and simply begin.

Blessings Shannon