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It’s 11:11pm (thank you Jesus and all the angels and saints in heaven).  Yes, if you have not followed me for the past 196 days or the past three years then you do not know about my quirky belief in the same digit number prayer.  To briefly recap, when you happen to glance at a digital clock and it reads 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc then say a prayer to Jesus and the angels and saints in heaven because they are letting you know you are loved. 😉

With that said, it is after 11pm and I’m exhausted.  If I am to recap how God showed up today my mind goes immediately to how I was given many opportunities to simply embrace the gift of life.

One of the main opportunities was helping Joseph Stanton with his standing therapy today.  It has been three years since his unfortunate long-board accident and we are still ‘standing in’ for Joseph, has his power-house of a mom likes to say, so that when that day comes that a full-recovery can be imminent then he’ll still have everything in tip-top shape.

Me, Joseph, Hernan and I can't remember the young woman's name. :(

Me, Joseph, Hernan and I can’t remember the young woman’s name. 😦

Being with Joseph and seeing the dedication that his parents and care workers put into his daily living and potential recovery always reminds me of the precious gift of life.  Simple as that.  The lives we lead on a daily basis, how simple or mundane they may seem, they are still <em>precious and delicate</em>.

Following my afternoon with Joseph I got to meet up with a good girlfriend, Holly, whom I haven’t seen all summer long.  She surprised me showing up in her father-in-law’s ’54 Thunderbird convertible.

Holly and I cruisin'

Holly and I cruisin’

After riding with the top down, warm breeze rustling our hair and Willie Nelson belting tunes on the up to date CD player I knew my Texas summer experience was complete.  For that brief moment we were able to leave behind everything that ties us to responsibility, worry and expectation.  In that brief, brief, moment we could have been teenagers again with no cares in the world.

But alas, we aren’t teenagers <del>thank God</del> and we needed to get back to our respective gifts of being mother, wife and whatever tag we’d been given along the way.  As much as it would have been nice to take to the road and ride for hours, leaving all our cares behind, we both recognize the precious gifts we have in our families and how delicate life can be.  Every moment, even the ones when the 4-year-old is throwing up on the plane or the 12-year-old is mouthing off, is still a gift (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

Let us not take our loved ones for granted.  Life is delicate and it each relationship we have should be handled with care.