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I’ve been keeping a daily blog called Just Show Up for the past three years…it has been posting through my website and I figured that I might reach a broader audience if I created a blog specific site for Just Show Up. So please excuse the fact that you are catching on 195 days into the posts. If you’d like to browse through the last 195 days visit http://www.hopefulheartsministry.com. I’d like to think you won’t be disappointed (if you like to watch train wrecks) but clearly it will be up to your taste. ūüėČ


Just like a watched pot never boils a watched clock never tells the time (according to an old Welsh saying at least).

Regardless, I found myself doing just that today.¬† Watching the time tick by as I diligently waited for the last piece of the puzzle to come in so that I could send off my response to the IRS in time for my July 23rd¬†deadline.¬† My board of directors had done an excellent job helping me get the heart of the response to all of the questions together and my accountant helped me fill in the areas of financial business while my lawyer filed for the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation that was requested by the IRS.¬† God bless my lawyer (who happens to be a childhood friend of mine) who pushed the state of Texas to get it to us quickly (and for putting up with my anxious emails!). ūüėČ

At 3:37pm today it finally came in and I found that I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.¬† It is in the hands of Fed Ex and¬†presumably in the hands of¬†the IRS by tomorrow morning.¬† There is nothing more I can do except to pray we’ve given them what they need to deem Hopeful Hearts Ministry worthy of the official golden ticket of 501 (c)(3) status.

And if we don’t get it then I need to recognize that it just isn’t what God intended.¬† Simple as that.¬† It’ll be a direction changer but that is always an exciting time for me because once I get over the initial disappointment I try to look for the door that God opened in its place.

unanswered prayers

There are a lot of things I’ve wanted so bad¬†through my journey and never received them.¬† Now I find that I thank¬† God for keeping me from receiving¬†them because I was either not ready emotionally or mentally, or having received them would have made me dependant on others and not on God.

It’s good for me to write that and remind myself of this fact.¬† I should have done that when I was watching time go nowhere on the clock. ūüėČ